Green Initiatives

HDL is dedicated to an environmental awareness program that impacts its products and processes as well as its physical plant and employees.

Design: HDL is exempt from RoHS and WEEE initiatives because of the military and aerospace use of its products. Despite this exemption, the firm’s green initiative ensures that each product is designed to minimize the use of environmentally un-friendly materials and prevent waste. In addition to this commitment, HDL focuses specifically on the reliability and repairability of its products. Limited life and wear-out items are avoided wherever possible. If necessary, product design is focused on life extension.

Manufacturing: HDL also has a long-standing commitment to the practice of the Single Process Initiative (SPI). While SPI reduces training and execution risks, it likewise minimizes chemical waste associated with expiring pot/shelf life. Implementation of the recycle/reuse process is another initiative of the firm’s environmental awareness program. HDL actively recycles all battery products, periodicals, and beverage containers. Additionally, the firm strives to reuse or redeploy assets such as test equipment and old PCs to fit more limited roles rather than discarding or wholesaling them. If reuse is not possible, HDL donates these items.

Engineering: HDL’s physical plant resides in an 88,000 square-foot building that was constructed before the environmental awareness movement, but the firm has made additions and alterations that focus on energy efficiency. Though Texas heat drives the need for air conditioning, climate control zones, programmable thermostats, and a reflective roof coating minimize energy usage. On colder days, cross-coupling heat from burn-in loads and environmental testing is used for heating the plant. The firm is currently investigating how wind, solar, and water energy may factor into HDL's environmental awareness program.